Sunday, March 11, 2012

That feeling.

Assalamualaikum and hye.

Caution!: dis entry surely will be in quite 50% broken english and quite emo and maybe will make u feel like erk, yakk. but it's ok. with my pure heart, i say it nicely, please click the X on the top. thanks.:)

I just passed through a few blogs. but u know, something made me felt weird. most of the blogs updated the emo entry. yes emo entry. like dis blog, even dis blog too. so. what happen actually? is today is the emo day? actually it's not because these two blogs only, but even i myself felt something wrong in my heart today. it happened just a few hours ago. huhu

Actually i felt bit shy shy cat to post an emo entry. but i dont know why, like today is the day. the beginning. but i think, it's because i dont have someone to tell the sad story to. so im so so so sorry my dearest blog, u have to be a good listener today. please make sure your ears are already prepared. very very well. and be honest too. is it related? ahh, do i care?

Hoho. i miss him. im really miss him. please..i'm really sorry mydear.:(. it's oke if u dont want to know my problem. yes. i'll try to settle it by myself. but please, i miss u damn much.:(

miss the moment when u put this cute panda pic as ur DP in tagged. huhu. :(

p/s: please be ringing my dearesttt phone.. :(

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